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Pave the way for your smart kid


Raising a kid is not an easy task today. With all the competition around, a child really misses his ‘childhood’ due to the extreme study pressure from his parents and his society. The parents, on the other hand, become helpless and are drawn to train their child as ‘the best’. However, in the process of doing so, they tend to make their child sit hours before the study table, immersed in books which obviously is not good for the little minds. What they need is a tactful and a faster way of learning and solving problems. In Jigsaw Abacus, we make learning trouble free.

Jigsaw is one of the Top Abacus Franchise in India who does not teach but trains the little minds so that they have an intellectual development and impart them the ability to handle a situation in a smart way. We adults always look out for ways to make our passion into the profession so that even our job seems interesting. Jigsaw Abacus inspires you to bring about the same change in your kid. If their learning process is not boring or repetitive and lets themselves indulge in fun games and activities, the young mind will bring about to see their daily studies not as a burden, but as an interesting learning process. Also, a boring study schedule may turn your kid to be dull or diffident. We often see kids who do not like to go to school, lack confidence and fail at making a good performance. At Jigsaw Abacus, we empower and inspire our students so that the kids learn and develop as a whole- mentally, physically and emotionally. Besides developing problem-solving skills, we also see that there is individual growth, knowledge gain and the development of mental abilities.

Jigsaw Abacus aims to transform lives. Our students are built in a way that they are always out of the box, innovative and unique in their own way. They tend to be much different in their actions and thought process from their peers. As Socrates once said, ‘People learn more on their own rather than being force-fed. ‘We hope all our budding youth are not force fed the burden of education but learn to perceive and enjoy it. Then only can we expect the future generation to move towards a bright future with innovative ideas, knowledge and skills.

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