Our Courses

Jigsaw Abacus Wizkid
Jigsaw Abacus Wizkid is a scientifically structured programme to sharpen a young brain to perform complex calculations and computations at breathtaking speeds.
Ganit Gyan
Science has proved that average human utilizes only 2-3% of their brain capacity during their entire life. The brain is divided into two parts: Left and Right hemisphere.
Jigsaw English
English World is becoming a “Global Village” and interaction with people from different social as well as cultural backgrounds is now a part and parcel of our lives.
Junior Scientist
A course based to teach students science in a practical way. Students get the knowledge of how day to day life can be related to science. Practically observe the things in the lab with the help of the kit.
Mem Brain
Our intensively researched program, MEMBRAIN, works over the two most important intellectual functions of brain, namely, the power to retain and the power to recall.
Curves n Strokes
The word calligraphy is usually defined by its two Greek roots: kalli meaning beautiful and graphia referring to writing. The dictionary states "penmanship", or simply "beautiful writing".
Maths Fusion
A combination of Abacus & Vedic maths with school curriculum maths. Special folders given to students with worksheets. Separate folders for homework and classwork.
Jigsaw School Programme
Jigsaw has designed a tailor-made course for the schools combining Abacus so that the programme can be easily implemented during the working hours of the school.
Jigsaw Teacher Training
Jigsaw Edu Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is carrying out several training programme for teachers and students using technology and personal attention. We provide EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY.