Jigsaw School Programme

Today, everyone knows the value of abacus and now-a-days it is becoming popular in schools also. It is difficult to use the same books that are being used in centres in the schools.

Jigsaw has designed a tailor-made course for the schools combining Abacus and Vedic Maths so that the programme can be easily implemented during the working hours of the school. Here students are required to spend extra time for the course to go to the different abacus centres. Parents also prefer if they get the same thing in the school for which they are sending their kids to different centres. Jigsaw has tied up with many schools all over India and is running successfully.

Course Detail:
1. 3 years programme.
2. School programme is divided into two categories.
3. Category 1: caters classes UKG to 3.
4. Category 2: caters classes 4 to 9.
5. Every year new book set will be issued.
6. Certificates are issued every year.