Fun ways to develop a child’s brain

Fun ways to develop a child’s brain

Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world. -Maria Montessori

When a child is born, his perception powers are unused; it is through gradual interactions and observation that a child’s brain develops. A child’s brain development is the fastest during the first five years and more than 700 neural connections are being formed every single second. It is important that a child interacts and learns with happiness at this age for a healthy mental development.  Jigsaw Abacus is one of the Best Abacus Franchise India who ensure that your child learns the correct thing in a fun and smart way. It provides Abacus Math and Skills Development Program for Children with the help of activities, experiments, and interactive programs.

Abacus is the most effective tool taught for understanding mathematics and problem solving at a lightning speed. Through fun games and simple calculations, the children learn to play with numbers. Also the concept of Vedic maths and mental arithmetic is put to use while showing children how a long tiring sum can be completed in a jiffy. While learning English as the world language, the kids are provided with interactive sessions so that they can express and communicate fluently. Children have excellent retention ability and they learn easily, therefore it is important that whatever they learn is solid and appropriate. For this reason they are engaged in active experiments where they learn science in an innovative and practical way.

However, despite all learning children often panic and tend to forget during the exams. They have too much on their platter which makes them forget. Jigsaw Abacus, Best Abacus Franchise India arranges programs which help children improve the power to retain and recall through the technique of Bridging, Linking, Number Rhyming, Number Shaping etc. Simplifying the process of learning helps children enhance their potential to visualize and reflect in day to day life. We must realize that, ‘What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.’

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