Q: What actually is an abacus?
A: An Abacus (plural Abaci) is a calculation tool, generally comprising of a wooden frame with beads mounted on wires. These can be conveniently slided on the wires of the wooden frame. It was primarily used centuries ago, long before the discovery and the consequent adoption of the written Arabic numeral system and is still widely used by the merchants of China, central Asia and other locations.

Q: How can JIGSAW ABACUS WIZKID programme help my child in the long run?
A:The JIGSAW ABACUS WIZKID programme can prove to be decisive in the long run as it drastically sharpens the brain of a child, it also brings about improvements in the field of concentration and thereby makes him mentally prepared to take the toughest of challenges in future.

Q: Will an abacus be always required by my child?
A: Certainly NOT, abacus is just an initiation step. The child will learn to retain its image in his mind and hence will have an edge over the others. The bottom line is although an abacus is not required in future its image in the mind is.

Q: Does my child really require the JIGSAW ABACUS WIZKID programme, isn’t the school good enough?
A:Going to school is certainly good but in today’s competitive world the hard fact is it is not good enough .If the child wants to achieve success in future, along with hard work he has to possess something extraordinary. This “extraordinary” ingredient is provided by the JIGSAW ABACUS WIZKID programme.

Q: My child is only 5 years old, is it really advisable for him to join the JIGSAW ABACUS WIZKID programme?
A: Yes, because a five year old child has the maximum desire as well as curiosity to learn new techniques. His brain cells and the nerve cells are in the state in which the grasping power is at the peak. He will enjoy his time at JIGSAW and at the same time would be sowing the seeds of his bright future too.

Q: Why does my child require learning by abacus, when technology provides him with computers and calculators?
A: Certainly the technology has been a boon in providing computers and calculators, but in none of the child’s exams he is permitted to use one. Plus it is the man only who has developed calculators and computers, therefore it is a necessity to sharpen the child’s brain. While using an abacus a child’s brain works on three fronts namely physical contact, logical explanation and visualization and therefore it gets worked up. Hence learning abacus would certainly improve his mind rather than heavily relying on calculators and computers.

Q: What is the course structure and duration of the programme?
A: This course is designed after extensive and dedicated research of highly qualified mathematicians and experts that have considerable experience of learning processes and a children’s psychology.

Q: How would the parents come to know that how much is the child learning?
A:For this, the JIGSAW team shall be conducting regular competitions and tests and would be displaying the results on their website. Also outstanding students would be given prizes and scholarships. Plus each and every child’s progress report shall be sent to the child’s parent after the completion of each stage.

Q:Is there a grading standard too? If yes, then what is it?
A: Yes, we have grades in Certificates and progress Report Cards. The Internal Assessment is also done in grades on the basis of student’s perfomance in the class.

Q: How much of an effort and dedication is required by the child to excel in this programme?
A: A sincere effort and regularity would certainly be good enough for a child to not only complete this programme but also excel in it. The JIGSAW faculty will ensure that your child emploies minimum of his effort .JIGSAW believes in the saying that:

Hence children will be taught in a manner that is easier for them to grasp and hence reducing there own efforts to minimum. They will be made to learn by playing with an educational toy called “ABACUS”.